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Monday, October 17, 2016

What is wrong with society ?!?!

Quite often on social media, as well as in movies and tv shows, people seem to complain about men who don't do enough for their kids, or men that are deadbeat dads.

I completely get it, especially being a single mom, I get it, believe me. BUT, there still IS good men out there who actually WANT to be in their children's lives but often can't because their "babymom" is the one making it damn near impossible to be involved. Usually for ridiculous reasons, like one example..."if I can't be with you, I'm not gonna let you see your kid". there's so many idiotic reasons women keep their children from their fathers, but that's one I keep hearing over and over again.

With that said,
So many people on social media (especially on facebook),share memes putting down fathers, and a lot of us laugh at them and think nothing of it. But when someone posts something important that could actually benefit a father who is TRYING to be part of his child's life, people just ignore it, like they don't see it, or like its not important.

Like, what the hell ?!

Take my best friend Desmond for example,

This man has had his child ripped from his life for the stupidest reasons (sorry can't get in to it without his permission, plus you know I'm not one to spread drama), and he has been TRYING for awhile now to get back in to his son's life, and the courts won't help without proof of paternity. Which Desmond finally got the courts to agree to have one done, BUT the catch is, HE has to pay for the DNA test, which is over 500$ in the state of Michigan where he lives. Worst part is, he has a deadline to get this paternity test done or else the court will throw his case out and all the progress he has made up to this point, lawyers fees, etc, will be down the drain.

So he set up a GoFundMe account to try to raise the money he needs.
Is he getting any help ?
NO !!!

We've been sharing the page all over social media and asking people even if you can't donate, to please at least share the post, and does anyone ?
NOPE !!!

I think I've seen maybe 3 people share it since I posted it on twitter days ago, and maybe 1 or 2 shares on facebook.

Kind of pathetic if you ask me !

Here we have a man who is trying to show that he WANTS to be in his child's life, who WANTS to do the right thing, and his plee for help seems to be falling on deaf ears. How is that right ?! Yet people can share memes about the weather, about bacon, about stupid, unimportant things, and won't share something that can show the world that YES, there are still some good men left in the world.

Not to mention that young black men in America have a bad rap when it comes to being fathers, and here is one, trying to show that not all young black men make babies and run from their responsabilities, and isn't getting help.

Its not right !

Sorry, I had to vent, I hate seeing my best friend so upset, he loves his son, and he has been apart from him long enough as it is. If I wasn't so strapped for cash, I'd give him the money myself, but I can't, so I'm helping the way I know how, by sharing his page in hopes that SOMEONE will find it in their heart to help him be reunited with his son.

Here's the link to his GoFundMe......