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Monday, April 14, 2014

When did our own town/game become everyone else's ?! (Sims FreePlay rant)

 I just deleted 37 people (and counting) from my list who no longer play The Sims FreePlay because of their distaste for the new update (which personally I have no issue with), as well as those who don't speak any english or are extremely rude. 

 I'm not generally a rude person unless you get on my bad side, but when you get rude with me for not having certain things in MY town yet,especially when I've stated before that I've had to reset my game and start over and currently am at a low level, and get mad because I can't understand your broken english, you got to go. 

 I like helping people, hence why I built a social goal house, but come on, its just a game, plus its MY town, if I didn't put it yet its because either:

A)I don't have access to it yet, 
B)I don't want the item yet 
C)I am not ready to spend the points/simoleans for it. 
(some items are really expensive)

Just because I have a high town rating doesn't mean that I am at a high level, or even have access to all items, many haven't been unlocked yet. I have a list of what is USEFUL for a social goal house (thanks to one of the wonderful groups I joined on facebook), and that is what is in my goal house right now. IF there's something additional that YOU want, like a higher value stereo or couch for example, I'm sorry, but you need to realize, this is MY town, and I put what I can afford to put. Plus, being a student of Interior Design, even though I know its just a game, I won't put something in a room that doesn't fit with the decor or theme of a room, I just can't do it.

 It being MY town, I should have the right to decorate MY house as I see fit, not how others want me to decorate it.

I just hit level 19 this morning, and if you know anything about the game, level 19 is not very high especially concerning items that are locked. 

 I understand that people (myself included) have spent alot of time on the game, and also spent RL money on it, but that's no excuse to get rude with someone for how they choose to build their own town. 

 Honestly, my main reason for playing is because I am a student studying Interior Design, and ever since the original pc version came out, i've been hooked on building and decorating the houses. Even my nearly 4 yr old daughter plays the game on her tablet because she loves building houses and dressing the sims. 

 Everyone has their own reasons for playing the game, and it is JUST A GAME, we don't HAVE TO build houses to hold every item needed for social tasks, we do it out of kindness and consideration and people who are rude make me want to not accept any more friend requests from strangers and delete all my neighbors and not play it as a social game anymore. 

 Which is sad, cause I've met some great friends because of this game.