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Friday, December 20, 2013

I support Phil Robertson !

I may get a tad "animated" in this post, and people may strongly disagree with my opinions and what I have to say, but this is my blog and I'm entitled to my opinions. 

Please excuse any spelling mistakes.

I will admit, for the longest time, I used to think that "Duck Dynasty" was a stupid show and that watching it would cause you to lose brain cells. I couldn't fathom why some of my friends and family were so addicted to the show. Until I decided one night to sit down and actually watch it and pay attention to it. After only one episode I was instantly hooked. Especially after listening to Phil (as you see in the picture for those who don't know) speak.

As a fan, the recent "indefinate suspension" of the head of the Robertson family from the hit show as angered me. All because he said something in an interview pertaining to his religious views and his views on homosexuality. As a proud, openly bisexual women who happens to be Catholic (I know, the two don't go together lol), who also happens to have family and friends who are openly and fully "homosexual",  I agree that he went abit too far in some of what he said, but he was being honest. Also too, he was quoting the Bible, and if anyone bothered to read the whole interview instead of start foaming that the mouth when they saw that, they would have also seen him say that its not his place to judge. Makes you wonder though, How much of what was said in the original interview was edited out to make him look bad ?

The interview, as well as news of his suspension has gone viral, all over social media outlets, especially facebook. Many people are commenting on pictures, pages, etc, about how much they support Phil and his right to freedom of speech. Many people are also negatively commenting too, especially after a report being posted about how the whole Robertson family has said they might not continue with the show without Phil because it just isn't right. I love that they said that, because in MY personal opinion, it proves that the Robertsons actually care about family and it proves family comes first before money.

I've seen comments calling the show racist. How on earth can ANYONE claim that the show is racist when 2 of the next generation of Robertsons are VISIBLY not white ?! Willie's adopted son Willie Jr, is African-American, and his foster daughter Becca is from Asia. As far as the family is concerned, they are as much a Robertson as any of the white children, and loved just as much. Its very rare (if ever) in the show (as far as I've seen) that anyone even refers to them as adopted or foster child. If the family was racist, why would they adopt outside of their race ?! Think about it people ! 

Not everyone is going to accept or condone certain things in life, and that is their perogitive. When was freedom of speech selective ? When did it become okay to have your own opinions but only if kept private ? What is that teaching today's youth ? That you have to think the way everyone else thinks and that its not okay to have your own mind and your own opinions ? 

I don't understand how its okay to watch shows on tv about teenagers who are 16 and pregnant, a bunch of second generation Italian youngsters (who don't even speak the language really) who spend their summer drinking and sleeping with just about anything that shows them attention, or shows with sex, cussing, drugs is perfectly fine, but the minute someone says something against homosexuality then all of a sudden its taboo ? If people don't like Phil's Bible-thumping, then its simple, just don't watch the show ! There is no need to hate on him or fire him from the show. Yes it is firing, because think about it.... "indefinate suspension" is basically a polite way of saying he's fired. 

Doesn't the people at A&E tv even realize that without Phil, there would be no Duck Dynasty ? I mean yes, Willie is the CEO of the company, but if not for Phil starting the company over 40 years ago when he started creating his Duck Commander duck calls, there would be no show for A&E to produce. They get MILLIONS a year thanks to the show in revenue, especially with merchandise perchased from the show. I think A&E needs to take the sticks out of their ass and bring Phil back ! If you lose Phil, you lose viewers. That's IF (and a big IF) the rest of the family even decides to stay on the show without him, which I don't see happening. 

Personally, I love the show, I love Phil's attitude, and I know if he really is off the show, I won't be watching in the new season. Nor will I be purchasing any Duck Dynasty merch thru A&E. If I want any merch pertaining to the company, I'll go directly to Duck Commander (they have more choices and better prices anyhow). I love how Phil and Miss Kay are still so much in love after being together so long, I love the sense of family they have, and no matter how much they argue, they always put differences aside because they are family and find a way to work things out, and the way they end each episode with a large family dinner, no one in this day and age really does that anymore, when was the last time you saw a family eat together like that and actually WANT to be at the table together ? 

I was watching a show last night following re-runs of Duck Dynasty about Rodeo Girls. Really A&E ? You're willing to lose a show like Duck Dynasty for shows like that, or dumb shows about people fighting over storage lockers to sell the belongings ? I used to love A&E because of shows like Paranormal State (which no longer airs), The first 48, Dog the Bounty Hunter (who also was taken off the channel due to Dog's remarks that angered some people in society), Duck Dynasty and Beyond Scared Straight. I swear, if Phil doesn't come back, or worse, the show goes off-air because the family decides to walk, I won't watch anything on that channel, even as much as I love the first 48. I'll do without if need be. 

Argue with me if you want, there is nothing you can tell me that will change my mind, and I'm sorry, I'm not a "yes ma'am" person, I don't go along with everyone's thoughts and opinions just to please them. Should Phil apologize for what he said ? Sure (BUT, only for comparing homosexuality to beastiality, that was abit harsh), should he have been kicked from the show ? No way. 

People need to agree to disagree. Honestly, there are worse things to worry about than someone quoting something from the Bible. Not everyone is going to agree with homosexuality, get over it ! Yes, its sad, but its life. Homosexuality has been frowned upon since biblical times, so its not likely to be accepted the world over any time soon. Its just a fact of life. 

I have friends and family who are "anti-gay". They know that I am bisexual, do they hate me ? No, they accept me as I am. Do I hate them ? No. You can have your own opinion of something and still be tolerable of it. Its called being an adult and being mature. People need to leave the man alone already. Let him have his opinions, its not like he's out there throwing Holy Water on people in the LGBT community, nor is he out there with his Bible trying to convert them to becoming heterosexual. 

*smh* Okay I'm done for now, or else I'll write forever. 

Everyone needs to relax and just be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, then we'd be "cookin' with peanut oil" (can you tell I'm a big fan of Phil's lol)


A&E, Just leave him alone, bring him back to the show, and just enjoy the money the show is making for your pockets.

Mr. Robertson,
(IF by some miracle you happen upon this blog)

I am a Canadian who is a big fan and I completely support you, as well as the family's decision to not continue the show if they so choose. You have been through alot in your life, and I'm glad you found God to save your life. You are entitled to whatever thinking you wish to have, don't let anyone bring you down or tell you that your thinking is wrong. I will continue to be a fan even if the show goes off-air. I firmly believe you show good values as far as what it means to be family. I only wish my family could be as close and loving as yours is. 

Bless you and your loved ones.