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Not giving up !!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Its OKAY to be confident....NO MATTER YOUR SIZE !!!

What kind of example are we setting for the children of the world, if we as adults constantly put people down based on their looks ? We try teaching kids that its okay to be happy with who you are, but yet we disrespect people based on their appearance ? Really ? That's not even close to right ! 

I was checking my inbox on my second channel on Youtube, and this person (I won't name them, I'm not looking to start drama), messeged me from THREE seperate accounts just to TRY to put me down and break my spirits. I know it was the same person, because all the messeges were pretty much the same, although they weren't word for word, you could still tell that it was the same person based on the typos/style of writing, bad use of language, and same general messege. 

This person proceeded to tell me that I should give up the idea of making videos because apparently no one will want to watch videos made by a "fat" girl who doesn't wear makeup or even fix her hair. Telling me if I want viewers/subscribers that I need to make myself up and fix my hair, that MAYBE that will keep away from the fact that I'm "fat" that "fat" youtubers never make it big. 

How can they even assume things considering that its my first video on that channel ? Yes, I had no makeup on, and yes, my hair was simply loose, not styled or anything (but far from a mess). I am confident enough in myself that I know I don't need any makeup or fancy hairstyles to look good. Yes, I am a big woman, and although yes, I am working on slimming down, it took me a long time to be comfortable with my own skin. There is NOTHING wrong with being a plus-sized person (aside from the health aspect of course, but I'm talking purely looks -wise right now). 

Just because YOU (yes I'm sure you're reading this, nosey ass), don't like big people, doesn't mean there isn't people out there who know how to appreciate a beautiful, confident plus-sized woman. Your comments will NOT deter me, nor will they stop me from having fun making, and posting my videos on MY channel. If you (or any other bbw hater) doesn't want to watch a video recorded by a so-called "fat" person, then don't look at my videos, simple as that. Because as much as you try to hate....coming to my channel and clicking on my video, even if you only stay on the page for a few seconds, still gives me another hit on the viewers list, so hate all you want, you're still helping to raise my popularity.

Look around.....

"fat" people are taking over the world ! I'm not saying its the healthiest thing in the world to be big, but it sure is fun ! Besides, not trying to be vulgar, but "fat" bitches can lay it down a hell of alot better than skinny bitches, cause at least we can handle the deep, hard thrusts, and even ask for more, skinny bitches too often complain it hurts and you're going too hard.....what would you prefer...hearing complaints in your ear, or hearing how good it is and telling you to go deeper and harder ? Yea, that's what I thought.

In closing.....

Be proud of who you are, no matter what size you are. There will always be haters, now is not the time to give them the satisfaction of seeing you upset over words, especially not words over a computer screen.