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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Commitment free hair color ? Is it possible ?!

The answer, is YES !

Okay, let me start by saying, i am a member of this site called BzzAgent, and if you've never heard about it before, its a site where you can do surveys and other "tasks" to be eligible to participate in what they call "campaigns".

What's a campaign you ask ? 
Well its simple, they (BzzAgent), will invite you to take part in one of their campaigns and if you agree, then they send you a product to try for free, and all you have to do is spread the word about it via social media. 

If you know what ChickAdvisor and Influenster is, then this is easy to use because its pretty much the same concept, only slightly easier, because you don't have to really post reviews of tons of products to accumulate points to be eligible for the campaigns like you do on those other sites. 

This was my first campaign from them, and I got to try out the Clairol Natural Instincts temporary hair dye. This dye says it washes out in 28 washes, and the best thing about it, is its amonia free, so anyone can use it, even pregnant women ! 

What's great is that since it is temporary, you can switch up your color and try something new to see if you like it and not have to worry about being stuck with a color you're not happy with. Plus, there is no harsh smell like with most hair dyes, because of the fact that there's no amonia in it. 

These are the colors that are available, I tried the Midnight Black. 
But I want to try a bunch more of the colors. 

It left my hair feeling soft, and surprised me when it comes to greys, because I was almost sure that being a temporary color, it wouldn't cover my greys, but it did ! 

I definitely recommend two things to you.....

1. Join BzzAgent, cause its free and you got nothing to lose. 


2. If you are looking for a way to freshen up your hair, but don't want to be stuck with a color you don't like, try this ! Its well worth it. 

What about ya'll....
Have you ever tried this product, and if so what do you think about it ? What color(s) did you try ?

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