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Sunday, May 29, 2016

30 Day Writing Challenge... Day 29

I love Sundays, but my reasons are totally contradicting of each other, go figure.

See, I love Sundays, because that's the day my daughter and I do our crafting thing. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but every Sunday, my daughter and I sit in the kitchen, and we do different kinds of crafts. Some times we do one together, but we also tend to do our own thing, like I'd work on my polymer clay, and she'd pretend she's doing the same by using her play-doh. (I don't let her use my polymer clay, cause even though its clay, I haven't seen anywhere if its safe or not for children like how non-toxic play-doh is).


On the other hand, the other reason I love Sundays (for now), is because I know that in just a few short hours, she'll be on her way to school. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter more than life itself, but her and I have such similar personalities, that we clash, ALOT. lol. From the time my daughter has been able to talk in full sentences, I don't think I can recall a single day yet where we haven't had at least one argument. Well, with the exceptions of days when she isn't feeling well, because on those days, she is my cuddly lil princess who needs mommy, and needs mommy's cuddles. I won't lie, as independent as my daughter is becoming, I tend to love those days, since lately, cuddles with her are few and far between.

Oddly though, I can't wait till she goes to school, but at the same time, I end up missing her, and the silence is too much for me, and I can't wait for 2pm to come cause that's when my babygirl comes home.

Today, however, we didn't do any crafts. Both of us were tired and my back has been killing me since this morning (I must've slept wrong or something), and the thought of sitting on those hard kitchen chairs just was not appealing today. So, we went for a walk instead. It was raining all morning, so we couldn't go to the park, so we walked up to the McD's near me, and I let her play in the playground for a few hours, then we came home, and together cooked an early meal for dinner. Usually we don't cook (or eat) supper till around 5pm, but both of us were hungry, and since we skipped lunch, I figured we'd cook at 2:30, and it'll be ready by 3ish, then we can eat. It was really good too.

Now its 11:30 and I'm sitting down to write today's challenge before I start watching more episodes of Family Matters on my computer.

So now.....

Welcome to day 29 of the writing challenge.
Can you believe it....tomorrow is the last day ! I don't know what I'm gonna do after this challenge is done. What will challenge me to continue constantly writing ? Hmmm, who knows, but its been fun for sure, maybe I'll continue frequently writing. Probably won't be daily, but I'll try my best.

Today's challenge, I'm supposed to write about "Your 21st birthday, (and if not yet 21, your last birthday)".

My 21st birthday.....

Honestly, I did sweet fuck all (pardon my language), because I still very upset about what happened on my birthday the year before (long very emotional story and I'm so over it already...I think, but really don't want to talk about it again), and I just really didn't want to celebrate and risk something else bad happening on my birthday. So I went to La Cancha, chilled with my boys for a bit, drank, then came home.

I was also in a kind of depressed state, because I was still mourning the loss of the child I miscarried in June of that year, and then breaking up with my boyfriend like a week or 2 later. Let me tell you, my best guy friend at the time (same one I spoke about in Day 3 of this challenge) , wasn't too pleased about how all that went down, I had to stop him from going after my ex. But I'm glad I stopped him, cause my ex and I are now really great friends, and had my bestie done what he wanted, I don't think we would be such great friends today.

I don't remember if I did anything with my mom that year, cause I know my baby brother was only a few months old then, (4 months old), so I MIGHT have spent time there, cause I know when my brother Brian was a baby, I spent a lot of time with my mom, and I think she might have made me a dinner and/ possibly a cake. I love my mom's cakes, they are so yummy. Can't ask mommy though, her memory is just as shot as mine is haha.

So that's how my 21st birthday went down.

Coulda been better of course, but coulda been worse too. At least I got to spend time with my vatos, and that helped make the day a good one, every day with them was a good day in my eyes.

Come back tomorrow for the LAST day of this writing challenge, which is "One thing you're excited for".

Today's song challenge,

"A song from your childhood"

Easy one......
This song, I performed with 2 of my friends at school for talent night, it was fun, I still remember all the rehearsals after school and weekends, and the costumes we wore. That song is "The Loco-motion" by Kylie Minogue.

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