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Friday, May 27, 2016

30 Day Writing Challenge... Day 27

Lawdddddd its hot outside today !!

32 degrees Celsius (or 90 degrees Fahrenheit). And just think, that is BEFORE you factor in the humidex level. I swear its dangerous for people who have breathing issues.

If you don't have to be out there, don't go ! Stay your butt inside where its cool and you can rest comfortable.

Tomorrow supposed to be just as bad, but I have a very important family gathering to go to, plus afterwards, I have one of my siblings to go visit in the hospital, so my fat ass is bearing the heat and going out of my house. But please believe, I'm bringing nice ice cold water with me for me and my daughter ! Just incase.

Are you ready for today's writing challenge ? I'm telling you, its gonna be short cause I was smart, I kept my butt in the house all day, sittin' infront of my fan to stay cool. As you know from yesterday's post, today's challenge, is "What you wore today".

Its simple.....

All I wore today, was a dark pink (almost fuchsia) tank top that my sister Shay has given me years ago, it has a large black rose silk screened on to it, and truth be told, its one of my favorite pieces of clothing I own. Oh, and the bottom of it has a ruffled edge too. Its quite feminine, yet casual at the same time, and not overly feminine.

I was in my own house, so no, I didn't wear any bottoms, mind you, YES, I had on panties you dirty minded people lol, but I didn't bother putting on pants or shorts. For what ? Its just me and my daughter home, and I wasn't expecting any company. If I can't sit comfortably in my own home, what's the point of having my own place ?

I know in yesterday's blog I told ya'll I was gonna try to take a selfie, but sadly, I didn't manage to, one, my hair was a mess, 2, I aint shaved my legs yet and ya'll aint seeing that lol, and 3, my back was so sore today making it hard to move, so taking mirror selfies was the furthest thing from my mind. I apologize for that.

But one day I'll probably post a pic of me wearing the shirt on my instagram (ChispaSpeaks_yt if you wanna check it out).

Don't forget to check out my latest video that I just uploaded today

Join me tomorrow for day 28's challenge, which is "The word/ phrase you use constantly".
Today's music challenge,
" A song that you wish you could play".
That would be the drum solo in one of my favorite songs by Metallica, "Sad But True".

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