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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

30 Day Writing Challenge... Day 25

Do you ever just want to sit in complete silence and relax ?

I had that opportunity today. Complete silence.

Even once my daughter came home from school, we didn't bother to turn on the tv or anything. we had fun outside afterschool, and then came in, had supper, did the dishes together, then she sat and played with her toys, I read her an early bedtime story, and just chilled until it was time for her to go to bed. (which today was earlier than her normal 8pm bedtime, cause she has her last day of Horse Therapy, and she loves seeing "her" horse, so she always goes to bed early the night before horse day.

Usually my dad comes upstairs in the afternoon, and BLARES the tv (you'd think he was playing for the whole street), from afternoon till night time, and to be honest, it bothers me, cause I prefer quiet. But today, my dad didn't come upstairs to my house at all, so I was able to just relax and enjoy the tranquility of the silence in my home. Lord only knows how long that silence will last, so I'm enjoying it while I can.

So today is day 25, only 5 days left in this challenge ! We're doing it ! We'll make it !

Today's challenge, is "four weird traits you have".

I'm not entirely sure what constitutes as "weird", since what might be weird to me might not be to others, and vice versa. But here goes anyway....

1. I pick my lips, sometimes till they bleed.
Its true, when I'm feeling anxious, or even just bored, I tend to pick at my lips. If my lips are dry, and I feel some skin peeling, I feel like its my obligation to pick the dead skin until I don't feel any more rough edges. Hence my obsession with lip balms and lip glosses, I don't like my lips to get dry.

2. I have to have a "sauce" on pretty much all food.
I can't eat my food plain, I have to put a sauce of some sort on almost everything I eat, either melted butter, gravy, or salad dressing (usually creamy coleslaw dressing). Its very hard for me to eat food, no matter how juicy or moist, sauce-less.

3. Almost everything has to alphabetized.
My movies, folders on my computer, bookmarks on my computer, folders on my ipad and iphone, my mobile apps, and a lot more. Only thing I don't alphabetize is my books, because I have a different system for placing those. I've even made the folders on other people's computers and tablets alphabetized when using them because I hate seeing things in random order.

4. I constantly shake my leg (sometimes both).
Many people find that annoying, but its how I stay calm and relaxed. If I'm not shaking at least one leg while sitting doing a task (like writing or doing something on the computer), then I don't feel comfortable, and I fidget (move around) a lot.

There is many more traits that some might find weird, and I actually plan on doing a video for my youtube channel very shortly that tells people my weird traits. Just not sure when I'll get around to doing it, I have so many videos planned.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for day 26's challenge, "Things you'd say to an ex". This should be good HAHA.

Today's music challenge,
"A song that makes you laugh"

I'm including the clip below, but unfortunately I can't find an actual video of it, just the song with some album art, but at least you can hear the song. Its a reggae song called "Somebody just poop" by Goofy.

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